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Our mission is to provide age relevant online yoga and meditation that is accessible to all active older adults.

Yoga for those just starting their journey, and those that have been practicing for years. We're just getting started and hope you'll come along and join us!

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I started practicing yoga at 61. At 72 I am more flexible than when I was 20. Join me on this path, you will not be disappointed.

<p>Doug Slack</p>, <p>OTHY Instructor</p>

Doug Slack

OTHY Instructor

Yoga creates space, balance, vitality, harmony and peace within us and around us. Practicing yoga helps us to thrive, create radiance, promote longevity and feel "ageless"

<p>Megan Miller</p>, <p>OTHY Instructor</p>

Megan Miller

OTHY Instructor

I find yoga to be a great metaphor for life, challenging us to be engaged yet relaxed on life's path.

<p>Michael Flockhart</p>, <p>OTHY Instructor</p>

Michael Flockhart

OTHY Instructor

I love teaching classes for older community members! Our bodies need to stretch and move and practice balance. It's vital for us as we age. I am grateful to offer yoga content for more people so we can all share yoga together.

<p>Marian McNair</p>, <p>OTHY instructor</p>

Marian McNair

OTHY instructor

The qualities that we cultivate on the mat in yoga, patience, acceptance, openness, deep listening...are exactly the qualities that we need to guide us on our journey to the next chapters of our lives. How amazing!

<p>Patti Luppo</p>, <p>OTHY instructor</p>

Patti Luppo

OTHY instructor

"Practicing yoga at our age is a true testament to the maturity that comes along with a yoga practice. The dance between ego and openness. Between push and pull. So that in the end it's the total body and mind connection for however and whatever shows up."

<p><span class="text-lg">Lauri Stern</span></p>, <p>OTHY Instructor</p>

Lauri Stern

OTHY Instructor