Over the years I have always been active with running, Judo, swimming, wrestling, bicycling, skiing, and motorsports. I have had injuries to my knees and shoulders, requiring surgery and rehab. My knee replacement 11 years ago at age 61 led me to try yoga. I was lost at first. The postures felt awkward and the Sanskrit words were difficult to pronounce, but I always felt good after class. I began to learn more about anatomy and how we are able to do the amazing things the human body is capable of.

Yoga has transformed my mind and body, helping me recover from shoulder repairs. I am now more flexible and balanced physically and mentally than ever. I have learned to use my breath to relax and focus. Everyday, we can bring about change in our lives by stretching incrementally farther than we did yesterday.

I am able to do things that I never thought possible... so can you!


"There are six myths about old age 1)that it's a disease a disaster 2) that we are mindless 3) that we are sexless 4)that we are useless 5) that we are powerless 6) that we are all alike"

Maggie Kuhn

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