Liz Geifman

Liz began practicing yoga at the age of 19! She is not only a yoga instructor, but also a personal trainer, barre, and active aging instructor.

Liz holds certifications as an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and as a Mindbodygreen Functional Nutrition Health Coach. 

Mid-life has given Liz incredible opportunities for continued learning and growth. She has found working with older students, to help them meet their health and wellness goals, more meaningful than she could have ever possibly imagined.

Essential Yoga Stretch

Liz Geifman Classes

​​More Than Just Yoga

Yoga for active older adults.

Taught by active older adults.


Why is that important?

Because we understand what it's like to be in an older body. Our teachers have survived various cancers, body joint replacements, cervical fusions,and surgeries. Some also live with chronic disease. We live active, healthy lifestyles and have been teaching yoga for many, many years. Most of our teachers have been teaching yoga for 15+ years, some over 30!


We add at least 2 yoga classes every month and because we are a small platform, you can easily reach out to us and tell us what kinds of classes you'd like!


​​Our newsletters are packed with all things healthy aging. Suggestions about relevant podcasts, yoga pose breakdown, student spotlight, a recipe video and to your email!


​​We’re greater than the sum of our parts. Connect with likeminded yogis in our Community on our Body Of Wisdom Yoga platform. Practice with teachers you can relate to, at a pace that is just right.

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