Saundra Liddell

With over

1,500 teaching hours, and many years of personal practice, Saundra will challenge

you to find your edge, lovingly assist and adjust your alignment, and encourage you

to create a breath - mind - body connection.

She combines postures (asana),

breathing (pranayama) and mindfulness (dharana) to help you recognize your physical and mental potentials while developing awareness, strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

You can visit Saundra's personal

Facebook here

Instagram account here




​​More Than Just Yoga

​​Yoga for active older adults.

Taught by active older adults.

All of our teachers are 55+

​​Why is that important?

Because we understand what it's like to be in an older body. Our teachers have survived various cancers, body joint replacements, cervical fusions and back surgeries, live with chronic disease etc. We live active, healthy lifestyles and have been teaching yoga for many, many years. Most of our teachers have been teaching for 15+ years.

Over 100 Yoga videos

We add at least two videos every month and because we are a small company, you can easily reach out to us and tell us what kind of class you'd love to see!!

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