Sue’s passion for yoga began when she set  out to heal a running injury.

That decision led to a lifelong love of yoga! Sue enjoys physical practice and also the life changing connections yoga brings to the inner soul.

Over the 23 years of yoga practice and attending many yoga workshops, Sue has learned that yoga offers so much more than just strength and flexibility; it offers overall well being to body, mind,and soul.

Sue's Chair Class!

Sue's Classes

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Practice in your home on your schedule

If you like to practice in the can!  Prefer later in the evening? No problem! The benefits of a home practice are endless...

Practice with your favorite teachers over and over!

Our instructors are really fantastic!  Most have been teaching for well over 20 years and teach from a deep base of knowledge that can only be acquired from years and years of teaching to thousands of students.

More than 130 classes to choose from

​​No matter your needs or experience level, you’ll never be out of yoga classes to choose from. And, we add two new videos each month. Classes from 6 to over 60 minutes and beginner to advanced! 

chair yoga is always free

Our chair yoga classes are free always, as well there is a free class section with many free classes to choose from. By free, we mean free. No need to sign up at all to practice these classes

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